902.000 - Change of Duty Station



A change of duty station is approved when the faculty member's regular, ongoing, University duties must be carried out at a location other than the campus. The request must have some time aspect; in other words, the material to be studied is only available at certain periods of the year, or the facilities to be employed are only available at certain times. The faculty member is not relieved of teaching, research, or service duties, but carries out these responsibilities at a different location.

Examples may include a research cruise scheduled to study Antarctic currents in the spring with graduate students, or astronomers gathering data at southern hemisphere observatories who need to study the sky in relation to the position of Earth at a specific time. Faculty exchanges with faculty members continuing to be paid from their home institutions are another example.


A request from the faculty member must be submitted to the chair at least 45 days in advance outlining the proposed activity. The chair shall review the request and forward a recommendation to the dean. In cases where the change of location is for 30 days or less, the dean has authority for approval. In all other cases, the request shall be treated as a leave with pay and shall follow the appropriate approval procedure (see 900.700-C-8).