Checklist for Search Committees


Is the job description complete and accurate?
The Search Committee must use the advertised job description to screen applicants for the position. An ambiguous job description may make it difficult to justify selection of candidates, while an overly detailed one may make it hard to justify considering an unusual but exciting candidate. [Refer to CAPM 100.500 Academic Recruitment policy or contact the Academic Personnel Office (APO) for advice]

Is the advertising approved? All advertising text must be reviewed and approved by the dean or designee before any ads may be placed. [Refer to Appendix D - Position Approval Form of CAPM 100.500 Academic Recruitment Policy]

Is there any possibility of a conflict of interest?
If, for example, a relative of a search committee member may apply, a conflict or perceived conflict of interest may arise. If so, contact APO for help in structuring the search to avoid any conflict of interest. [Refer to CAPM 106.520 Employment of Near Relatives]

Have you filed a search plan? The Search Plan (Part A) of the recruitment documentation should be filed as soon as possible for all senate faculty and pool recruitments. If the search plan is filed too close to the closing date of the search, it may be necessary to extend the closing date to incorporate any revisions the dean may require. [Refer to Appendix C - Developing a Search Plan in CAPM Academic Recruitment Policy 100.500 ]

SCREENING THE APPLICATIONS [Refer to Appendix H – Screening Applicants in CAPM Academic Recruitment Policy 100.500 ]

Is your Search Plan (Part A) approved?
For senate faculty and pool searches, the recruitment procedures require an approved search plan before applications may be screened.

Have you treated all applicants equally?
Equal employment opportunity legislation requires that all applicants receive consideration under consistent criteria. For example, late letters of reference may not be considered for one applicant unless any late letters are considered for all applicants.

Have you referred to your position description in the comments used to screen applicants?
Comments regarding Applicants must refer to the advertised minimum qualifications, or note that a particular file is incomplete. Comments regarding Candidates must refer to the advertised position description and may note preferred specializations which were advertised. All criteria must be job-related.

Do your comments on the applicant pool give enough information so that the record can stand on its own if audited?
For example, "wrong field" should include information on what the applicant's field is. For candidates not selected for interview, comments should explain why they were not selected.

Have you interviewed any applicants?
For senate faculty searches, the recruitment procedures require that the Applicant Screening (Part B) be filed and approved before any interviews take place. If your situation may require an exception, contact APO.

INTERVIEWING AND SELECTING THE FINAL CANDIDATE [Refer to Appendix I – Interviewing Candidates and Selecting a Final Candidate in CAPM Academic Recruitment Policy 100.500]

Has your Applicant Screening (Part B) been approved?
For senate faculty searches, the recruitment procedures require that your applicant screening be approved before any interviews are scheduled.

Do your comments discuss all the candidates in terms of the advertised job description? Comments should compare candidates, and must be grounded in the job description.

Have you discussed all candidates interviewed and indicated any ranking?
Comments should discuss all candidates interviewed and indicate which are viable. If the viable candidates are ranked you can move down your list without the need to revise the documentation if the selected candidate withdraws or declines the offer.


Have you received final approval on your documentation?
No appointment file may be processed until the recruitment record has been approved. Only the chancellor, campus provost/executive vice chancellor or designee can make an offer of appointment.

***DISCLAIMER : This document is intended to supplement the Academic Recruitment policy. Please refer to CAPM 100.500 - Academic Recruitment for complete discussion of policies and procedures regarding academic recruitments .