Restrictions Regarding Compensation While on Sabbatical Leave

ADDITIONAL SALARY FOR RESEARCH -- Supplementing a Partial Sabbatical Leave (less than full salary) APM 740-18.c


With prior approval from the dean, a faculty member on sabbatical leave at less than full salary may receive additional salary for research from the University, from other universities, and/or from national laboratories.This additional salary is subject to the following restrictions:

  • The research must promote the purpose of the sabbatical, and the additional salary must be approved as part of the sabbatical leave application;

  • The combined sabbatical leave pay and additional salary for such research must not exceed the recipients’ regular salary;

  • The additional salary must be allowable and budgeted and charged appropriately under the terms of any relevant research contracts, grants, and/or sponsored projects; and

  • Approved research activities for which the recipient receives additional salary does not count toward the limit on days of outside professional activities under APM 025.

Sabbatical leave shall not be used as a means of augmenting personal income. A recipient shall not accept other employment during a sabbatical leave, except as provided in APM 740-18.c and APM 025 – Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members.

If approved in advance by the dean, this restriction does not apply to the acceptance of a fellowship, personal grant or government-sponsored exchange lectureship for the period covered by the leave if it promotes the accomplishment of the purpose of the leave. (A fellowship or grant given to an individual in recognition of the individual's distinguished achievement without stipulation as to work or service expected is distinct from the stipend or compensation for service performed on a research project.)

A faculty member on sabbatical, regardless of percentage of pay, may participate in outside professional activites to the same extent as would be permissible if they were not on a leave. The maximum allowable 39-day (AY)/48-day (FY) limit on outside professional activities is not pro-rated based on sabbatical leave at less than full salary (APM 025).

See CAPM 012.025 for campus guidelines, authority, prior approval, and annual reporting requirements for outside professional activities undertaken during a sabbatical leave.


Where a faculty member is permitted to substitute significant University service for some or all of the teaching requirements of a sabbatical leave in residence, they may not receive a stipend for their substituted service during the period of their leave. Where a faculty member is on a regular sabbatical leave (at full or partial salary) and continues to perform a service for the University which the dean and/or college provost has determined is necessary (i.e. service as college provost), the faculty member may continue to receive the stipend during the period of their sabbatical.