Division of Undergraduate Education Instructional Workload Course Equivalents

                                                                                                                                    UCSC:APO rev 5/22

Assignments must be recommended by the College Provost and approved by the Dean in writing, in advance of the assignment, in order to be paid, unless they are simply confirmation of annual assignments by the College Provost for a Continuing Lecturer (i.e., those not requiring augmentation).

Unit 18 faculty are not permitted to volunteer to perform without pay individual studies, administrative duties, or service responsibilities, or other duties that are eligible for compensation in accordance with Article 24. All assignments must be approved in writing by the appointing authority in order to be eligible for compensation. 

Duties listed on this rate card are not exhaustive but represent typical assignments in the Division of Undergraduate Education.

Regularly Scheduled Courses—Normal duties associated with a course assignment include responsibilities such as holding regular office hours, being available to advise students within the context of the course, attending faculty meetings/orientations, grading and evaluation of students, incidental integration of technology into instruction, responding to student questions via email during scheduled office hours, supervising Teaching Assistants and other paid instructional assistants (e.g., Readers and Tutors) assigned to the course, etc.

5-credit course

1.0 course/quarter

4-credit course

.80 course/quarter

3-credit course

.60 course/quarter

2-credit course

.40 course/quarter

1-credit course

.20 course/quarter

Academic-Related, Administrative, and Service Assignments and Activities—Assigned responsibilities based on average hours per week/quarter the Dean expects the Unit 18 faculty member to spend on the work assigned, in accordance with the following table (other percentages are possible, based on the per hours per week/quarter formula):

Average Hours/Week

Course Equivalency

Annual % of Time

Quarter % of Time

















2 hours + 10 minutes








When Unit 18 faculty are required or clearly expected by the University to perform duties in addition to their assigned teaching duties, compensation shall be provided. Such compensation is typically provided via course equivalencies; however, other forms of compensation may be provided based on campus practice. The following list is representative of such duties:

  1. Supervision of individual studies assigned to the instructor as a specific responsibility.
  2. Administration of placement and/or proficiency examinations.
  3. Coordination and supervision of student activities that connect with the academic programs (e.g., student publications, performances, exhibits, special events).
  4. Development and coordination of internships.
  5. Course, curriculum or program development required by the college or program that goes beyond that considered to be within the normal responsibilities of an instructor and that is assigned by the College Provost and approved by the Dean (e.g., course redesign, development of online instructional materials or courses, initial development of digital course, significant web content redesign and management, etc.).
  6. Special advising, tutoring, coaching, or community outreach programs sponsored by a college or program.
  7. Committee work for college or program (e.g., standing personnel committee, curriculum development committee, participation in faculty recruitments, general committees or subcommittees etc.).
  8. General service for the college or program (e.g., preparation of reports and proposals, supervision of non-academic staff and students, routine business inherent to the program or discipline, proctoring and reading examinations not associated with an otherwise assigned teaching duty, advising students at large, and other routine administrative tasks typical of the instructor’s discipline but beyond what is inherently required by the instructor’s teaching assignment.).
  9. Coordination of programs (e.g., College Writing Center coordination, College 1 course coordination, coordination of special college instructional programs, etc.).

Special Workload Provisions related to College 1 

Each section of College 1 will be valued at 1 IWC, plus a 1/12 equivalency. The 1/12 equivalency shall be paid to instructors on a per-instructor/per college basis. For example, an instructor assigned two sections in one college would get one 1/12 equivalency, but an instructor assigned to teach one section in each of two different colleges will receive two 1/ 12 equivalencies. 

Associated with the 1/12 equivalency, all College 1 instructors will be assigned by the Provost to attend up to 15 hours of College 1 instructor meetings, plenaries, and College 1 related events with required student attendance (including required preparation for these, but only if it is in addition to normal class preparation), but only to the extent that they are in addition to normal class time. 

Excluding normal class preparation, time spent by instructors attending or preparing for College 1-related meetings or orientations that are assigned by the Provost and are outside of the service period will be separately compensated.