Departmental Voting Rights - Academic Senate Bylaw 55

[For information regarding temporary department augmentation for Bylaw 55, see CAPM 414.220, Department Augmentation for Bylaw 55 Voting Rights]

All departments should establish a voting policy in accordance with Bylaw 55 and file a copy in the Academic Personnel Office. The policy should include statements on voting rights for ladder rank actions, temporary actions, the effect of a leave on the voting rights of an individual, or any extension of voting rights made in accordance with Sections C or D of the Bylaw. It is assumed that in the absence of a specific voting policy, the general rules of Bylaw 55 will govern. Section B.7 and B.8 require that the Committee on Academic Personnel approve the method established by departments by which some personnel matters are determined.

Academic Senate Bylaw 55, Departmental Voting Rights
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For questions concerning Bylaw 55 and the following UCSC Academic Senate Bylaws, please contact the Academic Senate Office.