Welcome to the DivData portal page.

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The DivData system supports the management of administrative data, biobibliographies, and reviews for UCSC academic personnel.

Questions? Trouble logging in? Email divdata-help@ucsc.edu

Help is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

What can I do in DivData?

Faculty and other nonstudent Academic Employees can:

  • maintain their biobibliographies and review their course evaluations in DivData Biobibnet

  • compile and access their personnel review files or view a colleague's file as part of the departmental review process in DivData Online Review

Department/Unit Staff can:

  • view administrative data (e.g., view an employee’s current salary or leave) in DivData Admin

  • view and audit course evaluations or faculty biobibliographies in DivData Biobibnet

  • manage departmental review processes for appointments and advancements in DivData Online Review

Academic Personnel Analysts and HR Coordinators can:

  • manage faculty administrative data and personnel processes (e.g., enter a sabbatical leave) in DivData Admin

  • manage divisional and central administrative personnel reviews in DivData Online Review

How do I receive access to DivData?

Academic Employees: Active nonstudent academic employees are automatically provided access to DivData Online Review and DivData Biobibnet. Find out how.

Staff Employees: Complete the Online Application form to request your new account or to request changes to your existing account.