DivData Portal

Click the Login & Help button on the left (bottom on a small screen) to access DivData and its Help site.

The DivData system supports the management of academic personnel records, faculty biobibliographies, and reviews for UCSC academic personnel.

Help with many common tasks is available on the in-system Help site (click the "?" icon in the DivData main menu).

Still have questions? Trouble logging in? Email divdata-help@ucsc.edu
The DivData helpdesk is staffed on campus business days from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

System Overview

DivData is an internally-developed web application used to maintain personnel-related information about academic appointees. It consists of three main components:

DivData Review facilitates the academic personnel review process for appointing and advancing nonstudent academics in accordance with UCSC campus policies. For more information, see DivData Review.

DivData Biobibnet is a faculty repository for biobibliographic information and scholarly/creative work, augmented by a department-maintained course archive. For more information, see DivData Biobibnet.

DivData Administration is used by campus staff with academic personnel-related responsibilities, facilitating academic personnel information management and reporting.

How Do I Receive Access to DivData?

Academic Employees

DivData accounts are automatically provided to active nonstudent academic employees so they can participate in their reviews and those of their academic supervisees or colleagues, as appropriate, as well as maintain their biobibliography profiles. For more information, see DivData User Account Processes.

Staff Employees

Staff with academic personnel responsibilities request new accounts or changes to an existing account via the Academic Personnel System Account Request form. Staff accounts are subject to approval.