2015-16 and 2016-17 Unit 18 Salary Scale Issuance Memo

April 20, 2016

By Pamela Peterson, AVC Academic Personnel 


Re: Unit 18 Academic Salary Scales Issuance for 2015-16 and 2016-17

Dear Colleagues:

The salary scales for Unit 18 titles have been increased in accordance with the recently ratified collective bargaining agreement between the University Council - American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT) and the University of California. The salary rates will be increased by a general range adjustment of 3.2 percent effective May 1, 2016. This increase is for 2015-16 with no retroactivity. Then, for 2016-17 and effective July 1, 2016, the new 2015-16 salary rates will be increased by a general range adjustment of 3.0 percent.

The campus Unit 18 scales have been updated and are available online on the Academic Personnel Office web site (Academic Salary Scales).  

The collective bargaining agreement now requires a 6 percent increase for the “10th quarter bump.” Previously, the 10th quarter bump was a 5 percent increase. As a reminder, the agreement continues to require a minimum 6 percent increase at the time of the initial continuing appointment as well as for continuing appointee merit increases, which occur every three years. Greater than 6 percent increases can be made at the discretion of the dean, but in accordance with the contract must only be made in increments of 3 percent (e.g., 9 percent, 12 percent, etc.). 

The salary scales effective July 1, 2016 include the range adjusted salary rates, the 10th quarter 6 percent bump increases for Pre-Six appointees, and the salary points that reflect 6, 9, and 12 percent merit increases for Continuing appointees. However, if there is any question about the new annual salary rate, your units should apply any applicable range adjustment first and then multiply the annual salary rate by 1.06 for 10th quarter bump increase or continuing merit increases (or 1.09, or 1.12, etc., if more than the minimum merit is approved), and round up to the nearest dollar; monthly rates are not rounded. The result—or very close to it—should be found on the new salary scale. Units must use the published annual salary rate that is closest to, but not lower than, the actual percent increase approved regardless of where that closest rate actually appears on the applicable Pre-Six or Continuing salary scale.

Please bring these revised scales to the attention of appropriate individuals in your units. Questions may be directed to Susan Fellows (sfellows@ucsc.edu).


                                                                                    Pamela G. Peterson
                                                                                    Academic Personnel

Assistant Deans
Department Managers
Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinators
Employee and Labor Relations Manager Schiffner
Planning and Budget Office