Online Review System Launch for 2014-2015 Ladder Rank Faculty Advancement Actions

April 28, 2014

By Pamela G. Peterson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel 





Re: Online Review System Launch for 2014-15 Ladder Rank Faculty Advancement Actions

Dear Colleagues:

As announced to faculty today, DivData Review, our campuswide system for reviews of academic advancement files, will launch as planned on May 1, 2014.

This multi-phase project was first announced in the July 2013 annual memo on Academic Advancement from CP/EVC Galloway and CAP Chair Ravelo, and many of you have participated in one or more presentations and/or development sessions from APO staff.

Please note the following important points about DivData Review:

• The system will launch on May 1, 2014 in conjunction with the issuance of the 2014-15 Call for Academic Personnel Actions and will support personnel reviews for all current ladder rank faculty – Assistant, Associate, and full Professors, including acting – for actions effective July 1, 2015 or later.

• Use of DivData Review is mandatory for supported titles and actions. Hard copy review files for system-supported titles and actions will not be accepted, though guidelines allow for certain supporting materials to come forward in hard copy.

• Candidates are responsible for uploading their own materials to DivData Review. Staff do not have access to upload files during the candidate portion of the process. Candidates have discretion over which campus members may view their materials in DivData Review prior to submission to the department. • Integration between the campus DivData Biobib system (Biobibnet) and DivData Review will assist those who use both applications; biobibliographies and CVs prepared using other applications may be uploaded into DivData Review.

• Internal and external reviewers will have the ability to view files through the internet. Candidates and departments will continue to view their own materials when the review progresses beyond the department, eliminating the need to create and maintain multiple copies of the file.

• The phased implementation approach is designed to deliver benefit to the campus as quickly as possible while at the same time supporting the development of new functionality for future review cycles.

• Non-ladder rank faculty reviews, and all faculty appointments, will continue using current processes for the 2014-15 cycle. 

• DivData Review will be expanded to support all academic personnel review actions, excluding student titles, in future review years.

The DivData Review project is led by the Academic Personnel Office (APO), supported by Information Technology Services, and guided by a steering committee comprised of divisional and departmental staff and faculty. It is a move forward in our efforts to provide technology that supports current staffing levels as well as campus needs and sustainability goals.

Additional information on the system, training opportunities, guidelines, and user support will be announced and posted on the APO website. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a presentation for your department, please contact


Pamela G. Peterson

Assistant Vice Chancellor