UC Santa Cruz 2017 Academic Salary Plan

June 21, 2017

By Marlene Tromp, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor 


Re: UC Santa Cruz 2017-18 Academic Salary Plan                                                                                                            

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that the campus will implement a salary increase plan effective July 1, 2017 for senate faculty and non-represented academic personnel. Salary increases for non-senate represented academic personnel are set by the terms of the collective bargaining agreements.

 (1)   Senate Faculty and Equivalent Titles                                                          

The academic salary scales will be increased by approximately 1.5 percent, including campus scales for Department Chair and College Provost stipends. Senate faculty on-scale salary components will be adjusted to the new on-scale rates.

The new scales include a modest smoothing to provide more consistent percentages between steps, but each scale will be incremented at least 1.5 percent.

In addition, each senate faculty member will receive an off-scale salary allocation equivalent to approximately 2 percent of the scale rate for their rank and step. This off-scale increase is intended to maintain salary equity for Santa Cruz faculty relative to the other UC campuses.

This salary plan applies to all faculty in ladder-rank or equivalent titles with appointments active on July 1, 2017, unless stipulated otherwise in appointment or retention agreements. Eligible titles include the Professor series, Acting Professor, the Lecturer with Security of Employment (Teaching Professor) series, the Astronomer series, and the Supervisor of Physical Education series. The plan also applies to senate faculty summer salary payments that are tied to the salary scale rates.

(2)   Non-Senate, Non-Represented Academics

On-scale salary components for appointees to non-senate, non-represented academic titles (such as Adjunct Professor, Professional Researcher, Project _, Specialist, and Academic Coordinator) will be increased to the new salary scales, approximately 1.5 percent.

These positions are mostly funded by extramural funds, with salary levels subject to budgetary considerations and use of funds subject to contract constraints. Any concerns about significant salary inequities for appointees in this group should be brought forward to the cognizant dean by department chairs or principal investigators on an individual basis. Additional discretionary increases are limited to 1.5 percent.

Negotiated compensation agreements for recalled retirees, by-agreement appointees, visitors, faculty administrators, etc. are subject to the discretion of the hiring authority and will not be automatically increased.

The salary increases are effective July 1, 2017 and will be reflected in the August 1, 2017 paychecks.

Please direct questions to the Academic Personnel Office at apo@ucsc.edu.


                                                                        Marlene Tromp
                                                                        Campus Provost and
                                                                        Executive Vice Chancellor

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