2023-24 Thresholds for Faculty Salaries

August 09, 2023

By Grace McClintock, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Personnel 


RE: 2023-24 Thresholds for Faculty Salaries

Dear Colleagues:

The 2023-24 thresholds for campus approval of faculty salaries are effective retroactive to July 1, 2023. The new thresholds for faculty salaries that require approval by the UC Provost and Executive Vice President – Academic Affairs (UC Provost) have been adjusted as follows:

Faculty Ladder Ranks Scale                                                                                                       Threshold

Faculty Ladder Ranks Scale – Academic Year                                                                           $397,600

Faculty Ladder Ranks Scale – Fiscal Year                                                                                 $461,900

Faculty Ladder Ranks Scale – Bus/Engr/Econ – Academic Year                                               $436,200

Faculty Ladder Ranks Scale – Bus/Engr/Econ – Fiscal Year                                                      $506,000

Above-threshold faculty salaries that result from new faculty appointments, retention actions, and faculty merit increases greater than 10 percent require approval by the UC Provost.

The Chancellor has authority to approve salaries above the thresholds in cases involving faculty merit increases of 10 percent or less. For faculty with administrative duties (department chairs, associate deans, directors, etc.) or for those who participate in the Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP), compensation subject to the above thresholds includes administrative salary and/or professorial base salary (including above and off-scale salary), NSTP component, administrative stipends, summer differentials, and administrative 1/9 or 1/12 payments. Please see the Guidelines for Above-Threshold Salary Approval for further information. 

Requests for approval of salaries that exceed the thresholds must be processed through the Academic Personnel Office. If you anticipate any actions that may require the UC Provost’s approval, please contact the Academic Personnel Office as early as possible. Questions may be directed to apo@ucsc.edu


                                                                      Grace McClintock
                                                                      Assistant Vice Provost
                                                                      Academic Personnel

CP/EVC Kletzer
Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinators