APM 025 Annual Report Reminder - 2016-17

September 21, 2017

By Marlene Tromp, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor 

September 21, 2017


Dear Deans and Chairs:

The attached correspondence from AVP McClintock, Your 2016-17 APM 025 Annual Report is Due by September 30, is intended as a reminder to you and those faculty covered by the University's policy on Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members (APM 025) of the annual reporting requirements and responsibilities related to this systemwide policy.

Department and Program Chairs: Please forward the attachment to those faculty in your unit that appear on the “APM 025 Annual Report for Reporting Period 16-17”; instructions for running this report in DivData are detailed in the letter.

If you have any questions about the reporting requirements and responsibilities, the list of faculty from DivData, or the policy generally, please contact Susan Fellows, Academic Personnel Office, at 9-5032 or sfellows@ucsc.edu.


Marlene Tromp
Campus Provost and
Executive Vice Chancellor


AVP McClintock
Director Fellows
Department and Program Managers
Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinators