APM 025 Annual Report Reminder - 2017-18

September 21, 2018

By Grace McClintock, Assistant Vice Provost Academic Personnel 


Dear Deans and Chairs:

The attached correspondence from AVP McClintock, Your 2017-18 APM 025 Annual Report is Due by September 30, is intended as a reminder to you and those faculty covered by the University's policy on Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members (APM 025) of the annual reporting requirements and responsibilities related to this systemwide policy.

Department and Program Chairs: Please forward the attachment to those faculty in your unit that appear on the “APM 025 Annual Report for Reporting Period 17-18”; instructions for running this report in DivData are detailed in the letter.

If you have any questions about the reporting requirements and responsibilities, the list of faculty from DivData, or the policy generally, please contact Susan Fellows, Academic Personnel Office, at 9-5032 or sfellows@ucsc.edu.


AVP McClintock
Director Fellows
Department and Program Managers
Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinators

Attachment Text:


September 21, 2018

SENATE FACULTY (via Department/Program)
ADJUNCT FACULTY (via Department/Program)

RE: Your 2017-18 Annual Report of Outside Professional Activities is Due September 30, 2018

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to remind you that your Annual Report of Outside Professional Activities must be submitted to your department chair by September 30, 2018. Department chairs must submit their own Annual Report to their dean by this same date.

The Annual Report form is available online at: https://apo.ucsc.edu/policy/capm/docs/APM_025-Annual-Report.pdf. The form may be printed or signed electronically and emailed to your chair.

Faculty with an appointment at less than 50 percent time during the reporting period of July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, including those appointed on a by agreement basis (i.e., “BYA” - negotiated compensation with no appointment percentage), are excluded from this annual reporting requirement.

All academic deans and full-time faculty administrators must meet this reporting requirement. However, they will be contacted directly by the Academic Personnel Office and asked to submit a combined APM 025 and Outside Professional Activities annual report form. This form will be submitted to the Academic Personnel Office and not to the department chair.

Every faculty member covered by the annual reporting requirement must submit an Annual Report form even if no outside professional activities or additional teaching activities (e.g., UNEX courses) were engaged in during the reporting period. If you have no activities to report for fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, simply check the “No Activities to Report” box, sign and date the form, and forward it to your department chair.

The reporting period is July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018; however, you are only required to report outside professional activities and specified additional teaching activities undertaken during the summer period if you received concurrent summer salary during July, August, or September 2017, and/or June 2018.

Department and Program Chair Responsibilities
Department and program chairs are responsible for reviewing Annual Reports for compliance with APM 025: Conflict of Commitment and Outside Professional Activities of Faculty Members https://www.ucop.edu/academic-personnel-programs/_files/apm/apm-025-07-01.pdf. In summary, a full-time faculty member on an academic-year appointment is permitted a maximum of 39 days during the academic year to engage in Category I and Category II activities. A full-time fiscal-year faculty member is permitted a maximum of 48 days during the months of active service. For part-time faculty appointed at 50 percent time or more, the maximum number of days is prorated based on their appointment percentage. There are no restrictions during the summer months unless the faculty member is receiving summer salary, in which case activities must be reported and the applicable time limit on compensated activities is the equivalent of one day per week during the period in which summer salary is received.

Chairs are responsible for reporting to the dean by October 31, 2018, that all Annual Report forms were received and reviewed for each faculty member in their unit covered by the APM 025 annual reporting requirement. If a faculty member is currently on an approved medical leave, chairs should annotate their departmental report accordingly (e.g., “on medical leave through fall quarter”). Faculty members on medical leave will be required to submit their Annual Report form to their chair upon return from leave. Departments are the office of record for these Annual Report forms and must maintain them in accordance with document retention policies.

Department managers may generate a blank template for the departmental report using DivData. In the Reports section of DivData find the report called “APM 025 Annual Report” and click on “Run Report.” Select “Run report for Unit” and then select your department or program. The report generated should read “APM 025 Annual Report for Reporting Period 17-18” and below that, the department or program name. Simply click the “Export to Excel” button at the top of the page and the report will open in Excel; it can then be saved, completed, and submitted to the division. For assistance, contact divdata-help@ucsc.edu.

Dean Responsibilities
By November 15, 2018, deans are responsible for conveying to the VPAA (via Jenny Brown, APO, jenbrown@ucsc.edu) a list of faculty in their division that were identified as being required to submit a 2017-18 Annual Report, confirming those that did submit the report, and noting those faculty whose Annual Report is still outstanding without justification (e.g., on approved medical leave). Divisional academic personnel coordinators can generate a divisional report template from DivData using the process described above.

VPAA Responsibilities
The VPAA will contact faculty whose Annual Report has been identified as outstanding, informing them that they are out of compliance and therefore, considered not to be in good standing with the result that leaves or other privileges may be denied; additional consequences may be identified, including the potential for disciplinary action for violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct.

Prior Approval Requirement
Before engaging in any Category I activity, or involving students in any outside professional activity— regardless of whether or not the faculty member has a financial interest in the activity—APM 025 requires faculty to obtain prior approval from their dean or the VPAA, as appropriate. Requests for prior approval should be submitted to your department chair at least 45 days in advance of the activity to ensure a timely response.

More information about your obligations related to the University’s Conflict of Commitment policy, including annual reporting and prior approval requirements are available on the Academic Personnel Office website at: http://apo.ucsc.edu/policy/capm/012.025.html.


Grace McClintock
Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Personnel 


cc: VPAA Lee
Department and Program Chairs
Department and Program Managers
Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinators