2019-20 Personnel Reviews for the Lecturer with Security of Employment (Teaching Professor) Series

September 25, 2019

By Lori Kletzer, Interim Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor 



SENATE FACULTY (via Department)


Re: 2019-20 Personnel Reviews for the Lecturer with Security of Employment (Teaching Professor) Series

Dear Colleagues:

I write to update you on the remaining stages of our campus transition to the new APM policy on the Lecturer with Security of Employment (LSOE/Teaching Professor) Series, and expectations for LSOE appointment and advancement actions in the 2019-20 review year. 

Updates to the Campus Academic Personnel Manual (CAPM) section 514.285 - Lecturer with Security of Employment Series to align it with UC policy will be released for campus review in fall quarter. While campus comment and final issuance of the revised CAPM policy is still pending, I am issuing my expectations for how personnel reviews in this series will be treated in the 2019-20 academic year.

The criteria for appointment and advancement in the LSOE title series are teaching excellence, professional and/or scholarly achievement and activity, and University and public service. Teaching excellence is the primary criterion. Contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion across all of these areas should be given due recognition. These criteria are further explained in APM 210-3 and APM 285.

Given that rank and step advancement expectations are now more closely aligned with the Professor Series, 2019-20 personnel reviews for LSOEs shall follow the eligibility, review procedures, and authority delegations in place for the Professor Series. One exception to this is that all appointments to the series currently require CAP review. At this time, I would also like to reinforce the following points related to 2019-20 reviews for LSOE Series members:

  • Eligibility periods have changed, primarily for the ranks of LSOE and SLSOE. Current eligibility was communicated to appointees of the series at the time of step assignment.
  • Advancement through the ranks and steps of the series is now expected, up to SLSOE, Step 5, which may be indefinite.
  • Overlapping steps in the LSOE Series match what is available for Professors on this campus.
  • In line with Professor Series authority delegations, all reviews for members of the LSOE series will require CAP review, and reviews at barrier steps may be EVC-authority, if exceeding policy expectations as described in CAPM 803.620.
  • The Career Equity Review policy (CAPM 412.000) is not available for LSOEs at this time.
  • Appointees shall be given ten-working-day response periods in the Checklist to Assure Fairness process, instead of five-day periods.

For new recruitments and appointments to the LSOE Series, contact APO for guidance. Further information about the changes in the series effective 7/1/19 is available in the APM 285 Implementation Guidelines, and any questions on this should be directed to the Academic Personnel Office.  

Lastly, appointees to the Lecturer with Security of Employment (Teaching Professor) Series at all ranks are newly eligible for the campus special salary practice. Recommendations for exceptional salary and/or advancement should follow campus expectations, and will be awarded based on the three criteria for the LSOE series, with excellent teaching as a minimum threshold for any application. Details on the special salary practice for 2019-20 will be addressed in the upcoming annual CAP/EVC memo on the personnel process.




Lori Kletzer

Interim Campus Provost and

Executive Vice Chancellor



Chancellor Larive

Committee on Academic Personnel

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