Systemwide Review of APM 190, Appendix G

September 30, 2016

By Pamela Peterson, AVC Academic Personnel 


Re:  Systemwide Review of Proposed Revised APM 190, Appendix G, Program Description: Retirement Contributions on Academic Appointee Summer Salary

Dear Colleagues:

The University is conducting a Systemwide Review of proposed technical revisions to APM 190, Appendix G, Program Description: Retirement Contributions on Academic Appointee Summer Salary.

Please facilitate this formal review and comment process by forwarding to senate and adjunct faculty in your division, department, program, or unit that hold academic year appointments and are not in Unit 18 titles.  The Labor Relations Office at UCOP is responsible for noticing appointees represented by systemwide bargaining contracts.

Proposed technical revisions modify summer salary retirement contributions language to include the Defined Contribution Plan (DC Plan) Supplemental or Savings Choice contributions to the DC Plan under the 2016 retirement Choice Program.  In addition, policy is modified to reflect that the summer salary retirement benefit will be transferred, prospectively, from the DC Plan to the Tax Deferred 403(b) Plan. The changes are applicable to future contributions only (effective November 1, 2016); existing contribution balances will remain in the DC Plan.

UCOP Academic Personnel has provided both a clean and redline version of the proposed revisions as well as a summary background document, all of which are available online at our campus APO website at:; see the APM – UC Systemwide section.

Comments are due no later than October 25, 2016.  Any comments on the proposed revisions should be submitted to Susan Fellows in the Academic Personnel Office at


                                                                                    Pamela G. Peterson
                                                                                    Associate Vice Chancellor
                                                                                    Academic Personnel

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