Faculty Recruitment Allowance Increase - Delegation of Authority to Deans

December 04, 2017

By George Blumenthal, Chancellor 

Dean Koch, Physical and Biological Sciences
Dean Mitchell, Social Sciences Division
Dean Solt, Arts Division
Dean Stovall, Humanities Division
Dean Wolf, Baskin School of Engineering

Dear Colleagues:

RE: Faculty Recruitment Allowance Payments – Revised Exception Maximum

Effective immediately, I hereby adjust the maximum amount you may authorize for exceptional faculty recruitment allowances (FRA) from $100,000 to $150,000.

APM 190, Appendix E, states that the maximum amount of an individual FRA is determined by the Provost and Senior Vice President – Academic Affairs (UCOP). The current amount is published in the Academic Salary Scales. You continue to have delegated authority to approve FRA payments, including exceptional FRA requests up to $150,000, and to establish and approve the repayment schedule.

Requests for exceptions to the $150,000 campus limit per recipient require approval by the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President – Academic Affairs (UCOP), and must be submitted to the Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor.

This authority may not be further delegated, and I will retain authority for all other exceptions to APM 190 – Appendix E.


George Blumenthal

cc: Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Tromp
Vice Chancellor Delaney
Assistant Vice Chancellor Lew
Assistant Vice Provost McClintock
Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinators