Charging Faculty Salaries to Extramural Research Funds

June 29, 2012

By Allison Galloway, Charging Faculty Salaries to Extramural Research Funds 


RE: Charging Faculty Salaries to Extramural Research Funds

Dear Colleagues:

I write to you to announce the campus's guidelines for charging faculty salaries to extramural research funds, effective July 1, 2012. The attached guidelines provide the framework for this process. Each Dean can determine the best way to announce and implement the procedures within their respective division.

As we discussed at our June 7, 2012 DAC meeting, this procedure enables PIs to repurpose extramural funds. It does not allow for the reduction of a faculty memeber's responsibilities in teaching, research, or service. Since this is only a repurposing of funds and not a change in responsibilities, the professorial appointment will remain at 100 percent and only the funding distribution will change. 

In addition to these guidelines, course buyouts are still allowed. A course buyout reduces the professorial teaching responsibility and therefore results in a reduction in the professorial appointment, along with the addition of a researcher appointment. The standard buyout rate for one course is 15 percent of a faculty member's annual salary, or 45 percent for one quarter. Please keep in mind that if a faculty member's professorial appointment drops below 50 percent, they are no longer eligible for the accrual of sabbatical credits during the period of that reduction. At this time, I would also like to remind you that course buyouts are intended to be used on an infrequent basis (i.e., no more than one buyout per year per faculty member).

Please work with your department and program chairs to insure these two programs do not impact the department's teaching program.


Alison Galloway
Campus Provost and
Executive Vice Chancellor


Chancellor Blumenthal
Director Castro, Office of Sponsored Projects
Vice Chancellor Delaney
Vice Chancellor Margon
Assistant Vice Chancellor Peterson

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