Resources for OATS Users, Reviewers, and Approvers

2018-19 Annual Certification of Outside Professional Activities in OATS

How to Certify and Submit Your Annual Report
How to Review and Sign Annual Reports
How to Generate the Department, Division, and Dean Report


OATS User Guides and Video Tutorials

The following user guides and video overviews were developed by UC OATS technical team. They cover all current system functionality available in UC OATS. Some features of the application are not used at UCSC. Please consult with your local campus contacts for additional questions.

You can also access these resources at the UC OATS Training Overview website.

APM 025 Users

The following user guides and video tutorials are training resources for the faculty, deans, and full-time faculty administrators who are subject to APM 025:

Summer Outside Professional Activities (video forthcoming)

APM 025 Reviewers
This user guide is a training resource for administrators and staff responsible for reviewing APM 025
category I prior approval requests, student involvement requests, and annual certifications:

APM 025 Approvers
This user guide is a training resource for department chairs, deans, and vice provosts, responsible for approving APM 025 category I requests, student involvement forms, and annual certifications:


Additional Resources 

OATS is equipped with helpful popup tutorial text and tool tips. Users are able to turn the tutorial text on and off.

See APO's OATS Frequently Asked Questions page.