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Annual Certification of Outside Professional Activities in OATS

Those subject to APM 025-Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members* during fiscal year 2022 are required to certify and submit their 2021-22 Annual APM 025 Report in OATS by September 30, 2022. The reporting period is July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.
* Includes senate faculty members, adjunct professors with appointments greater than 50%, deans and full-time faculty administrators. Deans and full-time faculty administrators are subject to additional reporting requirements under APM 240-Deans and APM 246-Faculty Administrators (100% Time).

If you have questions about University summer compensation/salary, refer to the Summer Salary FAQ below.

How to Certify and Submit Your Annual Report
How to Review and Sign Annual Reports

Summer Salary FAQ

What is University Summer Compensation?
When a faculty member receives University/UCSC compensation during summer, regardless of fund source.
• Commonly known as summer salary, this compensation counts towards an academic-year faculty member's 3/9ths limit.
• Examples of summer salary include summer research salary and salary for summer session teaching.
• As a general rule, University/UCSC summer compensation is provided for activities that are within the "normal course and scope" of a faculty member's University employment. The University summer activity is not an "outside professional activity" (i.e., is not a Category I or II activity).

How does University/UCSC summer salary interact with APM 025 and my Annual Report?
• Academic-year faculty are not subject to APM 025 time limits for Category I and II activities during the summer period unless they are receiving summer salary while engaging in a Category I (e.g., outside employment, outside teaching) or Catefory II (e.g., professional consulting) activity.
• If an academic-year faculty member receives additional University summer compensation, the limit on Category I and II activities is the equivalent of eight hours per week during the period in which such compensation is received.

When completing the APM 025 Annual Report in OATS, the system presents questions to help faculty determine if they need to "enter my summer info."

Additional Resouces for Summer Salary

General Training and Instructions for OATS

APM 025 Users

The following and additional training resources are available at the UC OATS General Campus Faculty webpage. These resources are relevant to faculty, deans, and full-time faculty administrators who are subject to APM 025:

APM 025 Reviewers
Department and divisional reviewers can access workspace overviews and training resources for reviewing forms and Annual Certification Reports at the UC OATS General Campus Reviewer (APM 025) webpage. 

APM 025 Approvers
Department, divisional and central campus approvers can access workspace overviews and training resources for reviewing forms and Annual Certification Reports at the UC OATS General Campus Approver (APM 025) webpage.