Document Inventory Matrices

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Adjunct Professor Series with Pay - includes 0% appts Project Scientist Series
Adjunct Professor Series without Pay Specialist Series
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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Document Inventory Matrices represent document requirements at a campus-wide level. Please check with your division or department to see whether they have additional requirements. The Academic Senate website lists documents requested by the Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP), along with their tips on file preparation for faculty and departments. See also Departmental Review Procedures for best practices.


  • Required means listed as not optional on the current relevant document inventory.
  • Suggested means the item is listed as optional on the current relevant document inventory but is known to be highly desired by upstream reviewers.
  • Optional means the item is either listed as optional on the current relevant document inventory, or may be included at department/division discretion.
  • N/A means this document does not make sense in relation to the title/action combination.

Recruitment Compliance:

  • Appointment: Recruitment compliance is always required for an appointment. Enter the number of the approved search or waiver along with the approval date, or the exemption category which applies to the position.  
  • Reappointment: Use the search number from the previous appointment when that individual was previously recruited for the same position, provided that no more than two years have elapsed since the last period of service in that position. If there has been a two year break in service in the position, you will need to run a new open recruitment, or justify a waiver of recruitment. If the individual was appointed via a waiver of recruitment it will be necessary to run an open recruitment or justify a new waiver in order to reappoint. If the individual was appointed via an exemption, any reappointment will require an open recruitment or an approved waiver unless the circumstances justifying the exemption continue to apply. See  CAPM 100.500.e.4.

Confidential Documents:

Confidential documents are almost always solicited letters. Letters may be solicited from external reviewers or from internal reviewers (generally service letters). If student letters are solicited, a representative sample of names from the course list must be used. See CAPM 410.220 5.i.

When solicited letters are included in the file, the following information must also be included:

  • Sample copy of solicitation letter
  • List of names of those who might not objectively evaluate the Candidate and explanation (provided at candidates’ option)
  • List of all persons from whom letters were sought. Identify those suggested by the Candidate; identify letter-writers with alpha code.
  • Any declining letters must be included
  • Any lists of suggested reviewers provided by the Candidate must be included
  • Brief comments on academic standing of each letter writer and relationship, if any, to the Candidate
  • Copies of Redacted Confidential Documents

Unsolicited Letters:

  • Unsolicited letters which are treated as non-confidential should be uploaded as document type “Non Confidential Document.”
  • In DivData Review, an unsolicited letter which is to be treated as confidential should be uploaded as the document type “Unsolicited Letters (Confidential) and provided to the candidate as a document type “Redacted Confidential Letters.” 

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