2022-23 Call for Academic Personnel Actions

May 02, 2022

By Grace McClintock, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Personnel 


Dear Colleagues:

Re: 2022-23 Call and Calendar for Academic Personnel Actions

The 2022-23 Call, listing senate faculty and continuing lecturers scheduled for review next year, may now be accessed in DivData by departmental and divisional staff. The campus deadlines for 2022-23 are published in the Calendar for Academic Personnel Actions.

Department chairs should review the Call and begin discussing review options with the listed candidates. Relevant policy information has been collected in the Summary of Review Eligibility reference page. Candidates who decide to undergo a different type of review in 2022-23 than what is suggested on the Call (e.g., promotion instead of merit increase) should promptly notify the department chair and manager. 

For members of the Teaching Professor series, EVC guidance provided in the 9/25/19 and 10/8/20 memos remains in effect for 2022-23. The Summary of Review Eligibility page has been updated to better reflect the alignment of the Professor and Teaching Professor series.

Please note that the May 11, 2021 CP/EVC and CAP memo, Addressing Impacts of COVID-19 in the Faculty Personnel Review Process, remains applicable for the 2022-23 review year. The memo details special considerations related to senate faculty advancement as a result of the continuing impact of COVID-19.

Faculty at indefinite steps are only listed on the Call every five years, but may choose to undergo review as soon as the normative time at step (three or four years) has passed since the last successful review. Faculty at indefinite steps who are not on the Call should also promptly notify the department chair and manager if they wish to undergo review in 2022-23.

It is the responsibility of the department chair to make certain that there is an annual review of the status and performance of each senate and non-senate faculty member in the department, and to ensure that candidates are receiving appropriate guidance, feedback, and mentoring, including those who are not on the Call. This is an opportune time for chairs and/or designated mentors to meet with assistant and associate professors and teaching professors to review research plans, service commitments, and teaching assignments, so that any adjustments can be made well in advance of the next promotion review. Assistant professors/assistant teaching professors hired before July 1, 2021 should be informed of the option to request a one year extension of their tenure/SOE clock if their research progress or other significant element of their academic career was impacted by COVID-19.

It is important to also remind you at this time that there is a new contract between the UC and the AFT, which may offer new options to Continuing Lecturers on Call in your department. As a result of the new contract, a Continuing Lecturer who has received at least two consecutive positive merit advancements (following the initial Continuing Appointment), and is on Call for their next merit, may request to be reviewed for promotion to Senior Continuing Lecturer. Eligibility criteria and details may be found in Article 7D of the new Unit 18 contract. Please contact your Divisional Academic Personnel Office if a Continuing Lecturer in your unit is eligible and requests this review.

The Academic Personnel Office offers many opportunities for chairs, candidates, and support staff to learn more about the review process, including policy requirements, procedural best practices, and DivData Review system help.  Please see our Advancement Trainings and Workshops for more information.

If you have any questions about the Call or the academic personnel review process, please contact your Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinator or the Academic Personnel Office at apo@ucsc.edu.



Ibukun Bloom
Academic Advancement Manager

on behalf of

Grace McClintock
Assistant Vice Provost
Academic Personnel


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