Department Chair Toolkit

UCSC SealDuties of a Department Chair: A department chair serves as the academic leader and administrative head of a department and represents the department in its dealings with the administration of the university. Duties include: Program and curriculum planning; academic and staff personnel matters; financial and space management; and compliance with university policies and procedures. For a detailed listing of responsibilities, see CAPM 312.245, Appointment, Duties and Responsibilities of Department Chairs.

Academic Personnel Policies and Communications

Academic Personnel Manual (APM) Campus Academic Personnel Manual (CAPM)
Communications Policy Under Review

Academic Personnel Reviews

CAP's Top 10 List of Tips for Personnel Files for Chairs

Teaching Table

CALL Announcement Letter

CALL Calendar

Academic Advancement Resources

Retention Information

Academic Advancement Policies

Senate Faculty Lecturers
Graduate Student Instructors Departmental Review Procedures - Best Practices

Recall Policies

Recall Appointments

Voting Rights

Senate Bylaw 55 - Departmental Voting Rights Department Augmentation for Bylaw 55 Voting Rights

Conflict Management

Campus Conflict Resolution Services Title IX/Sexual Harassment Office

Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities (APM 025)

Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members UCSC Outside Activities Tracking system (OATS)



Authority Chart - Leaves Family Friendly Policies
Leave of Absence Policies - CAPM 900.700 Policy for Responding to Faculty/Staff Death

Academic Recruitment

Academic Recruitment Procedures - CAPM 100.500 Academic Recruitment Resources
Senate Recruitment Process Flow-Chart

Salary Scales and Payments

Academic Compensation and Benefits Additional Compensation - CAPM 806.600
Current Salary Scales One-Time Payment Request Form

Student Resources

Disability Resource Center Key points on teaching students with disabilities
Sexual Harassment/Title IX Resources for students and employees (see Title IX for resource options)
Helping Students in Distress


Academic Workshops and Trainings

Department Chair/Manager Workshop

Who To Call?

APO Staff Contacts Department and Program Chair List
Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinators